The Mission

Lavished Ministries is a trauma-informed organization that meets the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of women involved in the commercial sex industry. We achieve this through outreach, survivor-led mentoring, support groups, and victim assistance. We work alongside community partners such as churches, businesses, and organizations (NGOs and GFOs) to create a collaborative approach to restoring women and bringing redemption to their stories.


Lavished Ministries strives to create a bridge between the church and sexually oriented businesses. The foundation of our outreach is building authentic relationships. Groups of female volunteers visit sexually-oriented businesses regularly. Through consistent visits, we build relationships with the entertainers and staff. Sexually oriented businesses include strip clubs, adult stores, erotic massage parlors, and escort agencies. Volunteers bring gifts, encouragement, and the simple message that we see, value, and love you. 

Sex-Industry Outreach

Lavished reaches over 140 individuals monthly through outreach. Since 2014 Lavished has made over 15,000 points of contact with individuals impacted by the commercial sex industry. Through compassion, empathy, and understanding, Lavished Ministries continues to develop a strong reputation and meaningful personal relationships with adult entertainers and others involved in the adult industry.

Community Outreach

Lavished Ministries provides education and training to churches, businesses, schools, law enforcement, civic groups, organizations, and members of the general public on spotting the signs of human trafficking. If you would like to invite a speaker to your next event, please contact us.


In addition to outreach, we work through referrals. Referrals for our services come from other organizations (NGOs and GFOs), churches, and the general public. Through outreach and referrals, many women come to see the Lavished Ministries team as their healthy and stable support system.


Lavished provides a faith-based, survivor-led atmosphere for women currently in or transitioning out of the adult entertainment industry. We offer spiritual and emotional support through our survivor advocates. Our survivor advocates have lived experience of being in the sex industry. Our team provides mentoring, case management, encouragement, and a listening ear. We invite women to share their stories and current struggles over a cup of coffee, dinner, or by visiting our office. Our mentorship program helps women rediscover themselves and dream of new futures.

Launching in 2023: The Dream Program

The Dream Program is a transformative, 16-week Lavished Ministries mentoring program for survivors of sexual exploitation or sex trafficking. The Dream Program encourages those ages 18 and older who are victims of sexual exploitation or sex trafficking to dream BIG for their lives! Woman in our weekly, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions participate in goal-setting to establish accountability as they positively progress though their lives. Mentoring sessions can include topics such as: codependent behaviors, red-flag indicators, healthy boundaries, and life-skill development. Learn more about The Dream Program here.


 Our goal is to empower every woman who walks through our doors. Lavished Ministries works to transition women from “survivor” to “thriver.” We offer in-person and web-based empowerment groups. Our groups encourage women to stay strong and keep working towards the futures they envision for themselves. We welcome women to come for dinner and Bible studies. We also celebrate special life events such as birthdays, work promotions, and academic achievements. We aim to help women learn and grow in their faith and develop healthy interpersonal relationships. We work and refer to a vast network of other service providers to offer the best-individualized care. As women start a new chapter in their story, Lavished Ministries remains a safe place for peer support and community.

Meeting Needs

We can provide emergency assistance and meet immediate tangible needs in times of crisis. Emergency assistance can include food, clothing, hygiene, and finding safe shelter. Lavished Ministries also offers emergency relocation assistance to survivors of sex trafficking or sexual exploitation.

Survivor’s Circle

Survivor’s Circle is a Lavished Ministries support group for survivors of sexual exploitation or sex trafficking. Survivor’s Circle is for those who are 18 years or older and have been out of “the life” for a minimum of 4 months. Learn more about Survivor’s Circle here.