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The Dream Program is a transformative 16-week Lavished Ministries mentoring program for survivors of sexual exploitation or sex trafficking ages 18 or older.

The Dream Program encourages survivors of sexual exploitation and sex trafficking to dream BIG for their lives! Through 1-on-1 weekly accountability and by establishing S.M.A.R.T. Goals personalized to each mentee, any survivor desiring to positively progress in her life would benefit from this program. Mentoring sessions can include topics such as: codependent behaviors, red-flag indicators, healthy boundaries, and life-skill development.

The Dream Program is a faith-based, trauma-informed, and survivor-led program.

Faith-Based: We see women through the love of Christ and believe that true, lasting freedom is found in Him.

Trauma-Informed: We approach mentorship without judgement and with the mindset that traumatic events in a person’s life have the ability to influence decisions, affect cognitive reasoning, and life development.

Survivor-Led: We believe survivors should have a seat at the table. The Dream Program is led by survivors of the adult entertainment industry, which can include sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.

To monitor outcomes, participants are assessed while in the program, utilizing an assessment tool, to measure their progression in the following categories: 1. Sense of Physical Safety, 2. Sense of Emotional Safety, 3. Self-Worth, and 4. Spiritual Progression.

Do you want to join The Dream Program? Contact an advocate at 850-960-8498.

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Survivor’s Circle is a Lavished Ministries support group for survivors of sexual exploitation or sex trafficking who are 18 years or older and have been out of the life for a minimum of 4 months.

Survivor’s Circle provides a safe, non-judgemental, small group environment for survivors to develop healthy interpersonal relationships.

Survivor’s Circle also provides attendees with a monthly dose of laughter- and FUN!

Group sessions could include topics such as: healthy relationships, boundaries, coping skills, effective communication, and overcoming your past.